About Us

Barbara and Peter Smith came to the Vail Valley from England in 1986, running their first store, Le Petit Skier in Beaver Creek, in 1987. After having been members of the community for nearly 2 decades they saw the demand for a fashion driven woman's store and BLiTZ Boutique was born.
Since 2003, BLiTZ has been styling locals and tourists alike with unique, fashion forward pieces. We pride ourselves in having a fabulous team of dedicated, knowledgable, and friendly sales assistants committed to helping you find that "perfect something"! As we venture into the world of ecommerce, we look forward to providing the same level of customer care we have in store and ask that you contact us with any questions you may have!


Who We Are:

 Barbara - Owner and Buyer, founded BLiTZ in 2003. Travel Connoisseur 

 Stephanie - Manager and Buyer, with BLiTZ since 2005. Shopaholic

 Alexa - Part-time Sales Assistant, with BLiTZ since 2007. Dancing Queen

 Mayra - Part-time Sales Assistant, with BLiTZ since 2008. Chef Extraordinaire

 Kate - Seasonal Help, with BLiTZ since 2011. Songbird